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Anderen FAQ

First subcluster -- "Otherkin"

Anderen FAQ - Concepts, Theories & Articles

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The "average" is an illusion of statistics, the "normal" does not exist in reality, and straight lines are unnatural. And still in this world we call ourselves "different" from the rest, who do not know how abnormal their normalcy truly is.


Anderen Vereinigte was founded in June 2006 to be a nexus with active purpose for all self-aware and intelligent "others", for us to gather constructively in order to play our part in the world and its affairs. This FAQ/discussion site should answer some of your initial questions as to what we're about and how it fits together.


First subcluster -- "Otherkin"

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[Seeing as this is where most of us are likely coming from, entering on this whole concern.]

The most basic "accepted" definition of Otherkin is that they are people who believe that they are essentially and significantly something other or more than human.  I think that that is a fair definition of it, whether it comes via genetics or by soul-incarnation.  

The definition that I do NOT agree with, though some insist on it in their own writings and subcultural lore, is that it is the incarnation of a "non-human" soul into a human body and nothing else.  I.e., Angelic soul, Dragon soul, Starseed soul......which, to put it bluntly, is pure bullshit.  Souls are souls, and they accumulate identity from every form that that they incarnate into.  That's the way it works.  And that's also why not every person who claims to be of multiple species/forms is blowing smoke....go around the block enough times with enough meaning, and you may wind up with a lot of interesting details on your curriculum vitae, whether they're part of the human train of development or not.  

The people who go on about those puristic definitions either haven't been around long enough to have more experience, or they've chosen to remain within one non-human species only and built up a history there -- or, just possibly, they're in a bit of denial 'cause they're so attached to the idea of their essential self not being human.  And therefore of having a superior and/or disinvolved relationship with the species whose basic form they just happen to have been born into.  Or having a mission that will enable them to always maintain an elder and more-enlightened stance, rather than accepting that they too may have things to learn by virtue of their humanity.

Generally-Accepted Subspecies of Otherkin:

Vampires/Energy feeders:  Psi (psychic energy), sang (blood), empathic, pranic, elemental.  More on this later. 

Therians -- "Werecreatures", or having tangible animal identity that either overlays or intersperses with the human awareness -- term implicitly includes mammals, fish, birds, reptiles & amphibians, both modern and prehistoric, even though "therian" technically denotes mammalian furry-type beasts.  Insects are rare as claimed types, as are particularly small animals.  More on this later.

Fae:  Elves, Sidhe ('Seelie' & 'Unseelie'), Trolls, Dryads, Faeries, Changelings, etc......some of whom claim to have come originally not from other planets or galaxies but other dimensions (I think I'll invite litharriel to give a better overview of this).

Angelic/Celestial:  Re/Incarnated Angels and superhuman intermediary/guiding powers in all their cultural/religious variations, Gods, Fallen Angels, Angels w/in hosts, Demons, Nephilim.  Much more on this to come.

Starseed -- Extraterrestrial species incarnated as humans....there is some overlap with categories of Elves such as the Elenari, who also claim to have come from the stars.

Dragons -- Basically what I said, and there's too much of lore and fantasy and cultural mythology for me to address this one myself.  Anyone who is a Dragon, feel free to fill in the generalities.

The jury is still out for me on Unicorns, btw.  I don't have any proof that the Unicorn of Western symbolism is a "real creature" as opposed to a synthesized collection of ideal traits, so I tend to take that with a very large grain of salt.  If you're a Kirin, though, step right up and present your case....

And then there are "non-human" non-biological identities that have no established social grouping so far, such as memories of being a star -- which I believe is quite plausible, though I've seen it challenged.  This being a personal area of definition, I think it unwise to admit or deny anyone's self-validity based on general principles -- one must take into account the nature and awareness of the person who is making the claim and putting themselves forward.

[The next general area I'll address is that of states of consciousness and self-inhabitance, though some of the terms/types there are commonly assumed to be Otherkin per se rather than their own phenomena, such as walk-ins, multiples and 'Otakukin'/"fictionkin"....]
  • The definition that I do NOT agree with, though some insist on it in their own writings and subcultural lore, is that it is the incarnation of a "non-human" soul into a human body and nothing else. I.e., Angelic soul, Dragon soul, Starseed soul......which, to put it bluntly, is pure bullshit. Souls are souls, and they accumulate identity from every form that that they incarnate into.

    I'm very glad to see that someone thinks the same way as me in terms of that. I've run into a lot of that and it drives me up the wall. All souls are from the same source (the Big Bang, creation, or whatever one believes in) and the distinctions are purely man-made.

    If you're going to do stuff on Angelic creatures I could be of help if you would like. These days I identify myself as a human/soul/entity/whatever, but in the past I was associated with them, and I'm afraid to say most are as screwed up as the rest of us. Granted I'm a tad jaded on the subject, but I have had experience.
    • Heh, so did I.....I know it sounds cliched, but there was this big spat over whether the evolving humans ought to be given explicit moral laws or let to figure them out for themselves....and it kinda led to a coup d'etat, mass expulsion and moral dualism being spread about in humanity for the rest of history. I was in the middle (being logical), so they threw out the balance. I think I've been trying to clean up that one for ages, one way or another, and I'm certainly not done yet. And it still hurts too, that old rejection.

      I don't have a whole lot of definite structured memory of that time, though -- none of this names/ranks/choirs stuff to pull out of my hat like others sometimes do, and it's quite possible that all that was actually formalized after my time, so far as the Judeo-Christian paradigm. Plus I know that there's a bit of a divide between "religious" angels, "spiritual" angels/devas, and the down-to-earth nitty-gritty kind (not to mention the more-than-merely dark), and a lot of differing stories as to how/why we each end up here in our human lives. But I do have some basic theory, and I think that's where to start, just with the most basic angelic traits and types, and then elaborate in either comments or additional posts as to particular issues.

      So, what was your past experience there, I'm curious to know? I know mine sounds rather sure-of-myself (enough to piss off a lot of people), but I actually do have a lot of historical and anthropological research behind it to support the messages and pangs and intuitions, so it isn't all regurgitated Sunday School theology or suchlike.
      • No worries about sounding sure of yourself, I was actually afraid that's what I was doing. My personal experience basically comes down to that I was "adopted" in a very young form and was integrated into them, from what I could make this was fairly standard in this subsect. One of the main things I remember was a colossal superiority complex over "humans" (in quotes because it's a sketchy definition for just what that means) and hence it turned out to be a problem when I fell in love with one and eventually ended up leaving because there were several attempts to hurt her. Basically it was a bunch of people who thought they had superiority but were really corrupt and intollerant idiots. There was a slight coup recently I was somewhat involved in, but my experiencewas in general rather negative and I am very happy to be out.
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