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Anderen FAQ

Just a brief note to any non-member watchers, cause I know you're out there .....

Anderen FAQ - Concepts, Theories & Articles

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The "average" is an illusion of statistics, the "normal" does not exist in reality, and straight lines are unnatural. And still in this world we call ourselves "different" from the rest, who do not know how abnormal their normalcy truly is.


Anderen Vereinigte was founded in June 2006 to be a nexus with active purpose for all self-aware and intelligent "others", for us to gather constructively in order to play our part in the world and its affairs. This FAQ/discussion site should answer some of your initial questions as to what we're about and how it fits together.


Just a brief note to any non-member watchers, cause I know you're out there .....

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I've posted a few things under Members-Only filter lately, just because they were of (fairly) sensitive or controversial nature and I wasn't fishing for hecklers.  But I figure that maybe you might actually like to read them, comment, etc....I know, it's a crazy thought and all, but if you've hung on this far....

So forthwith, I'm going to revise the whole membership dealy so that it more accurately reflects the way things have been working out -- or not -- in terms of posting/commenting -- that is, so that anyone can join without writing an application essay (just the typical background check, you know...) , and anything more will only be required if you want to post articles of your own and I haven't already given you full clearance out of immense regard for your insights and communication skills.  Which I do have a tendency to do at times, 'cause I like encouraging people w/ good ideas.

While I am not atall averse to collecting useful embedded stuff -- essay, media, links to other sites, articles, resources, etc., the primary focus of this FAQ site is to provide original informative articles, or at very least original commentary and exploration/clarification of material already published online or off.  Content that you won't find duplicated word-for-word on the average webgroup, site or Google search.  Just drop-posting other people's work that you happen to like and leaving it at that doesn't cut it -- that's why "posting access" actually means something here, as it means that you're acknowledged to be capable of sharing your own knowledge and experience -- and reactions and opinions -- articulately with others.  

As is stated on the profile page, this LJ comm is the more public-and-publishing counterpart to a private group on Yahell, which of course has a fair amount of overlapping membership.  The private group's more informal, argumentative, controversial and suitable for personal sharing, research, discussion, social networking, etc., seeing as it's not also trying to be a respectable and credible introduction to its own field of scholarship.  The line's a tricky one, so there's a lot of crossposting of the theoretical stuff especially, but I value the response and input from any/all sides, and generally consider it the more the merrier. 

  And if you have any questions, concerns, observations, etc,  please feel free to drop me a line in reply here, on my email, aureantyev-at-yahoo-dot-com, or on Yahell IM under the handle of aureantes

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