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Anderen FAQ

(Hypothetical) Frequently-Asked Questions re Anderen and Anderen Vereinigte

Anderen FAQ - Concepts, Theories & Articles

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The "average" is an illusion of statistics, the "normal" does not exist in reality, and straight lines are unnatural. And still in this world we call ourselves "different" from the rest, who do not know how abnormal their normalcy truly is.


Anderen Vereinigte was founded in June 2006 to be a nexus with active purpose for all self-aware and intelligent "others", for us to gather constructively in order to play our part in the world and its affairs. This FAQ/discussion site should answer some of your initial questions as to what we're about and how it fits together.


(Hypothetical) Frequently-Asked Questions re Anderen and Anderen Vereinigte

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[This is just to stay up here for the general viewing, so that random passers-by will not be diving into our usual discussion without a general preparation for the subject/s. Adding direct link to it at the community profile page]

What the hell is/are "Anderen"?

"Anderen" is a mildly-mangled bit of German which, for our purposes, can be simply translated as "Others". I didn't want it to be assumed as just 'Otherkin', though, as a lot of people tend to use the term, because our definition is a bit bigger than that (plus we don't really want to have to rehash the going definitions of Otherkin -- can you blame us?).

Anderen are people who are not normal and who are quite aware of it. It includes differences of perception, abilities, affinities and identity, though these may fall under a variety of different categories (psychic phenomena, magick & paganism, basic neurology, intellect & creativity, sexual orientation, gender-dysphoria, species-dysphoria...). As a basic concept, though, it's a cumulative difference in personal awareness from that which is generally considered standard-and-approved by traditional society.

What are "Otherkin"?

Go look it up somewhere else....you think I want to wade through everyone else's explanations? (Just kidding -- I already did that here)

Okay, short form...Otherkin are people who believe that they are -- through genetics, previous lives, and/or adoption or spiritual affinity -- something other than strictly human. It's arguable that, given the logistics of reincarnation and population, most humans alive today have had previous lives, and that most of them have also been something other-than-human before. However, it's not exactly usual for them to be aware of that.

Past lives do not have to be non-human to be worth remembering; some Otherkin do not believe that they have incarnated before their current life. This is one reason why Anderen has to be bigger than just Otherkin, because human past lives are by no means insignificant in the whole scheme of things.

Are you against humanity?

Nah, just the stupid and fanatical-type people.

"Human-bashing" is not encouraged here -- that's why people use 'mundane' and 'Muggle', as depicting a certain rigid state of mind rather than an entire species. We're all human, or at least passing as such, and I think anyone who denies that they're themselves ensconced in the human condition has some serious personal issues to work out.

But you talked about sexuality and neurology and psychic stuff....are you just trying to make an excuse for perverts and crazy people?

Definitely not -- this group believes very strongly in consensuality and common sense, and has no interest in furthering the causes of anyone who's flat-out delusional and/or has no respect for others. On the other hand, we believe that many people are unfairly written off and/or medicated to the hilt because of their mental differences or 'clinical' disorders, and that many people do not even take themselves seriously because if one part has been deemed pathological they consider their whole self-awareness to be compromised or invalid. Which is crazy in itself, when you think about it, and it requires careful listening and counseling to figure out what's really going on after someone's been technically diagnosed as less-than-sane.

How can magic and psychic stuff be referred to as common sense?

Well, scientifically it can -- but one has to realize that this is an area where individual consciousness and will and states of mind make all the difference, and it's impossible to standardize those factors for universality or reduplication of results. (See 'quantum theory' for more information) However, independent corroboration of evidence and results by two or more qualified individuals is quite possible and much relied-upon in building up a corpus of validated experiences and the theory/history gathered therefrom.

You refer to a lot of mythological and psychic-spiritual stuff -- so are you some kind of cult or alternative-religion?

Nope. We're not into proselytizing or trying to pull any sort of 'faith' over anyone's eyes -- on the contrary, we do a lot of research and correlation between religions to get past their nominal structures, and we're most definitely anti-cult. If we refer to folklore and mythology and religious scriptures, it's in the interests of investigation and trying to get as accurate a picture of things as possible, regardless of what's already been said/believed about it.

Do you have a central philosophy, then?

We believe that there's a reason why we are the way we are, that it's not merely coincidental, and that it ought not to be wasted or seen as irrelevantly-social or just a popular "trend", whatever it is. We think that we are (to use a few phrases) part of an evolutionary diversification, a Renaissance, a resurgence, a balancing of the scales, an emergence of various possibilities (by various means) out of the matrix-species known as humanity. Not something new in existence, but new in the sheer quantity of expression and articulate self-awareness.

I could suggest a few books as basic background for this, but I've done most of the synthesis-and-assemblage myself over the past few years, and this group is the only organization that I'm aware of that sees a definite purpose/message to the whole range of othernesses going on these days, rather than letting each personal phenomenon be considered merely subjective and without any real implications beside its own singular existence -- or selecting one area (Otherkin, Indigo/Starseed) as a focus and ignoring/never seeing all the rest.

You aren't planning to take over the world, are you....?

Certainly not that way....

"Anderen Vereinigte" means "Others United", but that's in the positive sense of having a unified focus and foundation to build on, not anything militaristic or domineering. Activism, sure -- justice, naturally -- anti-extremism, most definitely. One can't repair an imbalance within humanity simply by repressing the opposition.

Actually, our main focus at the time I'm writing this is research and education, trying to re-illuminate that which has been insufficiently and/or slantedly illumined before. Words are extremely useful to humanity, but they're also extremely tricky and misleading at times, and the profusion of words online is no exception.

Hence this whole "FAQ" site, which is for the purpose of clarifying concepts and issues before-the-fact of getting involved in a group of people who are already reasonably familiar with them and converse about them casually (or very intensely, depending on the subject). All articles are tagged as comprehensively as possible for easy reference (and updated as needed), and if you have an area that you are particularly curious about or personally invested in, it may not be a bad idea to look up what's been said about it.

Can anyone post to Anderen_FAQ once they're a member?

In order to become a posting member, as opposed to just having access to comment, you have to either request membership and be approved (instructions on community profile page), or have enough of a proven expertise in your area of study/experience that you're invited to join and write articles. If you want to post questions that you want answered, they can be added as comments to this FAQ post, and will then be addressed in articles or replies as soon as possible.

Where's the main group itself where I can just talk to people?

Already given on the profile page, but I'll give it again. The main (private) group site itself is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Anderen_Vereinigte/ and thus ideally requires full access through Yahell, as well as definitely needing moderator approval. But it's a plus for swift admission if I know that you came from this site and read through all this post's intro material, instead of just turning us up in a keyword search 'cause we have certain keywords on our frontpage.

Hope that gives you a good idea of what we're about. Another article on-site that I recommend is The "Other" Guide to Cutting the Crap, which goes into more detail on observations and realities in online groups of this approximate demographic sector.

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