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Anderen FAQ

Just when you thought there was enough arcane terminology in the world...

Anderen FAQ - Concepts, Theories & Articles
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Paranormal Research and Identity Subcultures
This community is maintained by aureantes, as part of an ongoing community-building endeavour. I recommend reading this 'FAQ on the FAQ' as an initial encounter with what we're about as a group. If you wish to join this community as an author/commentator in your own right, in addition to having member-level access to comment on entries, please click here and go to this entry in my own LJ and send me a non-anonymous reply stating your reasons for wanting to be involved as an active/posting/sustaining member of the Anderen FAQ journal.

"Anderen" means "others", to begin with....but how is that being defined, and what does it mean, especially with all the other "other"s floating about the 'net and the world these days? Other than what?--where is the difference, and more essentially, where is the similarity in the difference to make it a positive group-definition rather than just a simultaneous negation of conventional standards?

This is a new concept and a new idea of alternative community and purpose, which I hope you'll find intriguing at very least, even if you don't agree with it or see any point to adding another perspective. Because words and jargon and connotations can get so profuse and complicated online, we've set up this LJ community as an open place to introduce and explain some of the ideas and specific interpretations that are fundamental inside the group Anderen Vereinigte and its affiliated sites. This is not intended as a 'social group', and we will not not apologise for setting and/or enforcing standards of intelligent discourse, nor for questioning and examining claims that seem a tad hard to believe even among ourselves.

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